Head of AI/ML/R&D
DigitalOcean, NYC

Alejandro (Alex) Jaimes, Ph.D.

Recent Press coverage (my work/team)

App Watches You Take Your Pills and Knows When You’re Faking, New Scientist (2016).

A Young Artist Confronts the Sinking of The Titanic, The New Yorker (2016).

Using AI to prove you’ve taken your medicine, The Huffington Post (2016).

How can deep learning impact healthcare?, News Medical (2016).

RE·WORK: Deep Learning in Healthcare Summit, International Innovation (2016).

Increasing medication adherence: an interview with Dr Alejandro (Alex) Jaimes, News Medical (2016).

AiCure Raises $12.25 Million For Its Treatment Monitoring Technology, TechCrunch (2016).

Why Are Computers so Bad at Jokes?, Gizmondo (2015).

Making sense of funny bone from cartoon caption contest results, TechXplore (2015).

An Algorithmic Sense of Humor? Not Yet., MIT Technology Review (2015).

Personalizationpalooza: Notes from NYC Media Lab’s mini-conference on personalization and recommendation technologies, Medium (2015).

The Face Detection Algorithm Set to Revolutionize Image Search, MIT Technology Review (2015).

Computers Now Can Recognize Human Faces From Any Angle, Popular Mechanics.

Meet the new face-detection algorithm that will change image search, The Daily Dot (2015).

The Algorithm That Sees Beauty in Photographic Portraits, Medium (2015).

Yahoo Labs' Algorithm Identifies Creativity in 6-Second Vine Videos, MIT Technology Review (2015).

This Algorithm Automatically Detects Vines That Don't Suck, Vice Magazine (2014).

Computer Vision in advertising, Tech Firms Look to Unlock Visual Web's 'Black Box' for Brand Advertising, Interview in Advertising Age (2014).